Better Never to Have Been Born – Steve Lawson

28 09 2011

Woe to you, to that man by whom the Son of Man has been betrayed. It would had been good for that man if he had not been born. Let me make this very personal and very pointed with everyone here today: If you do not repent of your sin, if you do not deny yourself, if you do not take up a cross, if you do not become a follower of Jesus Christ, it would be better for you that you never been born because once you die you will face the Judgement and you will be damned and you will consign to hell forever. If you do not believe upon Jesus Christ, if you do not run to His arms of mercy and grace. If you do not confess you sin and receive from Him the forgiveness of your sin. Jesus says to you, “it would be better for you that you had never been born.” Because what awaits you on the side of death is so awful, is so repulsive, is so terrifying, It would had better if God had never even made you than for you to live and to betray the Son of God.

All of us in this room today have a knowledge of the Gospel and a have knowledge of the truth and have a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. And of us to have that knowledge and the proximately to the truth and to have the opportunity with Christ and to have the access to Him through the truth and to not repent of our sins and to not do soul searching and say, “Lord, is it I?” and to die as Judas died outside of Christ, it would be better than you had never been born because of what will await you is the flames of hell forever and ever…

But how the Lord desires to cover sin? How reluctant the Lord is to rush into Judgment? How the Lord desires to put His pardon over a soul? And how He desires to apply His own blood to your life?

If you have never believed upon Jesus Christ, I call you this day to come in faith in Christ, to surrender your life to Him. Others of us here today have loved ones who are in just the same place as Judas. We have daughters, we have sons, we have fathers, we have mothers, we have loved ones… and many of them are religious. And many of them are like Judas and have great exposition to the truth that they know so much and yet they are so far away from Jesus Christ.

May the Lord give us the love that He Himself demonstrated before Judas. May we go to the second, third and fourth mile with them. May we be so slow to write them off. May we continue to extend love and mercy and grace to them while there is still time and while there are still opportunity in this world for them to come in faith in Christ. And how much is it to God to say, that one, that we would least expect like Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus road.

So let us all draw from the example of Christ here and let us be patient and suffer of many things in enduring long-suffering as we extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who stand in the shoes of Judas here upon this earth.

We will never know who is elect and who is not until we find ourselves in heaven and look around. But until then, may we be those who are so gracious and so patient and so long-suffering even as Christ that they might receive the Gospel that we hold to them. Let us pray.

Better Never to Have Been Born by Steve Lawson


The Power of the Holy Spirit is Essential – Paul Washer

28 09 2011

You and I, always stand in great need of the power of the Holy Spirit in our life, the working of the Holy Spirit in our life and we should constantly be crying out to God for greater and greater infusions of His power and greater and greater outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Constantly, in our life and in the church. Listen, what we have to do cannot be done by us – don’t you understand that? It cannot be done! The great missionary endeavor. What still lacks in taking the Gospel to the nations. it cannot be done by us! We cannot organize it into happening! We cannot make it happen. All our gifts, all our power, all our eloquence, all our strategies cannot achieve anything in what has to be done in this world. But the Holy Spirit can. The power of the Holy Spirit. And we should constantly, and I believe this text is telling us: constantly be crying out to God for greater and greater manifestations of His power in our life.
Know this, some of the greatest manifestations have to do with character and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our life. And the power of the Holy Spirit in ministry―NOT to create confusion in the church and turn the Church of Jesus Christ into a lunatic circus. But empower the church to be a witness for Jesus Christ and take the Gospel to the nations. We must have that. You greatest need young man, as a preacher, is to be alone with God to shut yourself up in His Word, to study His Word, to study men of the faith who have gone out before you and been mightily used of God. But you other great need is this: to cry out and cry out for the outpouring and the power of the Holy Spirit on your life so that you might minister. You must have this.

More and more… when I was a young man, I would cry out and cry out and cry out, “O God pour out Your Spirit on my life that I would be able to preach.”

I can remember going outside street preaching in Huston, Texas, and I had no power, no boldness, no strength. Coming home defeated and finally just putting my Bible on the bed and saying, “Whatever is in this book’s not in my life!”

And then, Praise God, someone came to me one night with a bunch of books. Actually, one day with a bunch of books. Things from George Muller and Leonard Ravenhill… so many others. I began to look and say, “these men are talking about God’s Willingness to do great and mighty things to the weakest vessel”. But I can see clear as I look through all these men that it is done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I just had cry out for months and months and months, O God, O God, pour out Your Spirit―strengthening me―do a work so when I would stand up I preach!
And He can do that for you. He can do that for you.

And its not some special thing that might make your ministry a little bit better. It is absolutely essential!

The Power of the Holy Spirit is Essential by Paul Washer

Don’t Play Games – Tim Conway

26 07 2011

Don’t toy with false professions. Your eternal soul and body are at stake. Don’t play a game just to be received by Christians, don’t play a game just to be able to join a church. If you are not saved, come clean and flee to Christ. Folks, if you are wrong, you are wrong… and its gonna cost you dearly.

But God in love right now, right now if you cry to Him He promises, He has put His own Word at stake. If you call, if you seek Him you will find him. If you call upon Him He will save you. If you trust in the lord Jesus Christ there is salvation to be had. If you cry now “him who comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37)

But once death seizes you, its done.

Don’t Play Games by Tim Conway


25 07 2011

You can visit IllBeHonest’s media library: They have some videos that have already the transcripts; most of the excerpts/sermon jams/short ones, if not all of them, have a PDF file… neat uh?

The Unconditional Love of Christ – Paul Washer

15 02 2011

He looks at you and He says this, “Father, such is my love to this one person and my piety for them after they have broken every command” He still says, “such is my love” and “such is my piety” Proud man say, “I don’t want Your piety!” You need His piety. You need His piety. We are pitiful. He says, “such is my love to and piety for them that rather that they shall perish eternally, I will be responsible for them as their guarantee. Bring in all Thy bills, Father, that I may see what they owe Thee.”

Now, sometimes a young man will get marry and after he gets married, he will start to get a little bit shaky on his commitment. He said, I had no idea marriage was this tough. I don’t know if this is really what I am made to do.” You see. He was boasting how much he would love this girl, he had no idea the commitment that he was going to have to make. But that is not true with Christ. Here He says to the Father, “Father bring in everything they owe Thee. Let Me see it.”

Imagine this: He sees everything that you owe justice. He doesn’t go to that cross blindly. He doesn’t get on the cross and say, “No Father, I don’t want to do this! I didn’t know that it would cost so much.” He knew from eternity how much it would cost Him and yet, He still did it. But listen to this: Bring in all Thy bills that I may see what they owe Thee. Lord, bring them all in” Now listen, believers if this doesn’t make you so happy, you weep or cry out for joy you are not understanding what I am saying. He says, “Bring in all the bills. Bring them all in that there may be no after-reckonings with them.”

Do you see what He is saying? “Bring in everyone of their bills from the time they were born to the time they die. Everything they owe Thee Father. Bring them all in. I want to see them all and on that tree, I want to pay for them all there so that you would never have to deal with them with regard with their sin.” Do you see that, believer? He never has to deal with you again. It’s over! All your crimes are paid for: your crimes in the past, your crimes in the present, your crimes that you are going to commit in the future; all of them paid for! And some people say, “Well if you tell that to people, they will just sin.” No, they won’t; not true believers. Carnal, wicked lost churches members will hear that and go on sinning but believers will say, “If His love is like that. If He has set me free completely, I am His. I don’t want to sin anymore. I don’t want to sin anymore.”

You see brothers, that’s what leads to holiness, that’s why the gospel is called: the mystery of godliness. You see that? It’s the thing that produces godliness in the believer. Yes there are commands and there are rules but that is not what makes us godly. What makes us godly is knowing that Jesus died and that He died for me. And when He died He paid for every sin past present and future, and God will never again, never, call me in to His judgment Hall, to judge me. Never again. I am free. I am free. O thank God I am free.

And you say, But brother Paul, it’s says that there’s going to be a judgment for a believer. Yeah but listen to this, in that judgment, when you look up unto the Judge’s face, it will be your Father, it will be your Brother. The One who judges you is the One who died for you. Don’t you see that? You’re free. You’re free. No guilt. Always come to Him. Always go back to Him. Always run to Him. You’re free. You finally walked through a door that no one in this world knows anything about–it’s unconditional love. You’re just loved and it can’t be changed now! Because of that perfect work of Christ there on that tree on your behalf.
Christ so loved you, so loved His bride that He who was ruler of all things, the heir of the universe and beyond. He became a servant because of His love for His bride. Because of His love for you as individuals.

The Unconditional Love of Christ by Paul Washer

Make It Your Aim to Fear God – Tim Conway

3 06 2010

Men don’t like this God, men don’t like this Word. Because it scares them, and it ought to.

Don’t you want to be able to wake up in a morning and face life with a sense of the love of Christ, that is so overwhelming, and so compelling and so moving in you, and fills you with such excitement and faith and trust and joy and fear and sometimes dread, of even defiling that relationship? But you feel a compulsion to do right and to be right and to be holy, and to be blameless in your family, in your work, in your church, in your life, brethren don’t you want that? Don’t you want to feel the power of the cross, the power of resurrection, surging inside of you in a way that is real, it is tangible, it is experiential, you know it! It’s not  a mystery! It’s not something that you try to force yourself to feel. You see it in other people, or you hear it in the Word. So you try to convince yourself that it is true, when all the time you know it’s not. All the time you know what’s really driving you is passions for this world, passions for these things. Don’t you really want to know that, don’t you want to know those moving, those sensations of love, that grip you, and grasp you, hold you, and compel you, and move you. Don’t you want that? Does anyone here just want a lifeless, dead, useless religion? God forbid brethren, be done with that.

Brethren I am afraid, I am afraid that our lives, among some, they tend to be sloppy, because we don’t have this. We are casual with the Word of God we got so many bibles in this country. Most of us have multiple versions, got it on our computers, got it on our book shelves, on our coffee tables. Have we forgotten what we hold in our hands. Maybe we would be better off in a day when there was only one bible in a church. It might give us a sense when that book was opened, it was special.

There have been days, my brothers and sisters, when men and women have shook before this book.

KNOWING THEREFORE THE TERROR OF THE LORD WE PERSUADE MEN. To some of your minds you think, “Yes, we persuade lost men.” That’s not where Paul is going here, Paul is not saying “Oh ya the case of lost men is so fearful, that we need to persuade them to come to Christ.” We should do that, That is not want he is saying there. He is talking to Christians, and do you know what he is says to them? “Dear Christian brother’s and sisters, MAKE IT YOUR AIM TO PLEASE THE LORD!” Why? “Because we are all going to have to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and give an account!” And you will be judged by that Word. You just going to flippantly throw it over there? When Paul says “Look, look, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God if you’re lost outside here.” But he is coming to the Christians and he is saying “Look, make it the aim of your life to please the Lord because you will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ!” Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, HE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT THE TERROR OF THE LORD THAT WILL BE EXPERIENCED BY THE LOST. HE IS SAYING “MAN, WOMAN. YOU THAT PROFESS TO BE CHILDREN OF GOD, DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT NO MATTER IF YOURS BE FORGIVEN OR NOT THAT TO GO BEFORE CHRIST ON THAT DAY IS AN AWFUL THING.” “Every one of your works will be examined. You will come before those eyes, and before the God who gave you a standard to live by. And you will be judged.”

Yes brethren there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. But Paul does not back off because he says that to the Romans, back off from telling the Corinthians that there is terror, that there is fear.

Brethren, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. WHY!? You Should FEAR, You Should TREMBLE lest You Walk Away From God. Lest You Walk Away From His Word.

Brethren, people, when they come to a place where they realize what God wants them to do and they just kinda flippantly say, “Well I know but, He’ll understand, He’s forgiving. We should tremble lest we walk away from God. You should tremble if you feel any inclination to leave this God, leave this Word, walk away from the truth. Because if you walk away there is a certainty of destruction, there is certainty! It is a fearful thing.

Make It Your Aim to Fear God by Tim Conway

Defensive People Are Prideful – Mack Tomlinson

19 04 2010

Defensiveness if a sign of pride and immaturity.

One of the dictionary definitions for a barometer is that it is “an indicator’. So any time we sense defensiveness in ourselves or in others it is a barometer indicating pride or immaturity.

  • You cannot become defensive if you are going to exhibit humility and Christ-likeness.
  • You cannot become defensive if you are going to be teachable and taught by the Lord.
  • You cannot be defensive if pastors, elders, and other believers are to have their proper place in our spiritual growth.

An honest and valid question: Am I a defensive person?

If we get defensive when others point something out in our lives, then we are still immature to some extent.

  • Defensiveness is rooted in pride and prejudice. Not being willing to be corrected is defensiveness rooted in pride.
  • Defensiveness rears it’s ugly head when anyone touches a nerve in my soul, possibly exposing that I could be wrong about something.
  • Defensiveness is that feeling I get when anyone challenges me on something, possibly exposing that I have blind spots that they see that I don’t see.
  • Defensiveness shows itself in touchiness when anyone disagrees with me in any way.
  • If I am defensive, pride is raising it’s head in me.
  • If I am defensive. I still know that I know better than anyone who disagrees with me.
  • If I am defensive, I still am, to some real degree, unteachable.
  • If I am defensive, I am revealing an inner attitude that I could not be wrong.
  • If another Christian or one of my pastors, comes to me to share something they feel is a need in my life, do I respond with defensiveness or do I quietly listen, truly hear what they are saying and make sure I understand it and to thank them for coming, and then examine myself before the Lord to receive what He wants for me?
  • If I do that, is maturity and Christ-likeness.

How I respond at those times will make all the difference between real growth and change or not?

  • If I am defensive when another brother or sister in Christ says something I don’t agree with, I am showing that I am still trying to live like an island, separating myself from the body, asserting my carnal independence from the body, and thus from the head as well.
  • Defensiveness is so ingrained in us, it’s almost like breathing. We exhibit it even when we don’t know it. If we get challenged, corrected or rebuked, it is ugly and immaturity in action and pride holding forth it’s inglorious presence.
  • When I am defensive, I am far from being like the Lord Jesus right then.

May God save me from this wicked and ongoing evil.

Jesus was never defensive one time in His life, not even once. and He is calling me to put it off, die to self daily and become defenseless, with all my defense being in Him alone.

Written by Mack Tomlinson

Defensive People Are Prideful by Mack Tomlinson