Revival Hymn Redux

6 04 2010

I will tell you that the originator of revival rest not in men but rest in God the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God alone can originate revival! We need to invite the Spirit of God back into the church. We need to invite the Spirit of God back into our lives!

The church of Jesus Christ is largely sleeping, like a great bedroom and you have all the Christians in bed and they’re all sleeping … and they’re saying “Please, don’t wake me up! I want to sleep on!” And of course when God starts to operate a revival people cannot sleep, you can’t sleep in church when the Spirit of God awakes the people. Look at the 1st verse of this 52nd chapter…”Awake! Awake! Put on strength!”Wake up! You’re sleepy Christians! Awake thou that sleepeth, Arise from the dead! Christ will give you life!

The Revival Hymn Redux

Why should a person embrace death with Christ? Why should a person be willing to go in identification down to the cross and into the tomb and up again? I’ll tell you why! Because it’s the only way that God can get glory out of a human being!

When God stepped down, suddenly, men and women, all over the parish, were gripped by the fear of God. The Holy Spirit began to move among the people.
What was that?

Not an evangelist, not a special effort, not anything at all organized on the basis of human endeavor. But an awareness of God that gripped the whole community. So much so that work stopped, and the minister writing about what happened in the following morning said this: “You met God on meadow and moorland. You met Him in the homes of the people. God seemed to be everywhere.”

The praying and the meetings continued for several nights. Until one night, a very remarkable thing happened. There, kneeling amongst straw in the barn when suddenly, one young man rose and read part of Psalm 24. “Who shall ascend the hill of God? Who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart, who hath not lifted up his soul to vanity, nor sworn deceitfully, he shall receive the blessing of the Lord.” And he shut his Bible. And then looking down at the minister and the other men who were kneeling there, he began to pray, “God, are my hands clean? Is my heart pure?” And that dear man got no farther. He fell on his knees, and then on his face among the straw. And he prayed, prayed and prayed again.

I’m standing beside him for about 5 minutes and then the door of the church opened. And the session clerk came in.

“Mr. Campbell, something wonderful has happened. Revival has broken out! Will you come to the door and see the crowd that’s here?”

Eleven o’clock, mind you, eleven o’clock. And I went to the door and there must have been a congregation of between 6 and 700 people, gathered around the church. And in the midst of it, I could hear the cry of the penitent. I could hear men crying to God for mercy. And within a matter of minutes the church was crowded, at a quarter to twelve.

Now, where did the people come from? How did they know that a meeting was in progress in the church? Well, I cannot tell you. But I know this: that from the village and hamlet, the people came. Were you to ask some to them today, what was it that moved you? They couldn’t tell you. Only that they were moved by a power that they could not explain and the power was such as to give them to understand and see that they were hell deserving sinners! And, of course, the only place they could think of, where they might find help, was at the church.

When I endeavored to get up into the pulpit, I found the way blocked, with young people who had been at the dance. When I went into the pulpit I found a young woman, a graduate of Aberdeen University, who was at the dance, and she’s lying on the floor of the pulpit crying, “Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me?”
God was at work!

If there was a time God’s people needed to be awakened, it is today. The Spirit of God operates by awaking people. And when they’re awakened, when God’s people are awakened, this fire of prayer starts to burn. There’s nothing so dead as a dead prayer meeting. There’s nothing more alive than a live prayer meeting!

If you want to feel life in your soul then get into those passionate white-heart prayer meetings! Where men are praying, and they’re not springing sentences together. And they’re not saying the old things that you’re sick hearing in prayer meeting. Oh, no. They’re praying. They’re pleading with God. They’re crying to God. Sometimes it’s a groan! Sometimes it’s a tear! Sometimes it’s a broken sentence! Sometimes it’s a sigh! But it’s prayer!

All true passion is born out of anguish. All true passion for Christ comes out of a baptism of anguish. Folks, I’m going to tell you something: Out of this baptism of anguish comes a marvelous thing that happens to those willing to submit to it. Marvelous thing, it’s the instant, prompt knowing of God’s voice.

Now, see, if you don’t have a history of prayer, if you don’t have this willingness of share in God’s heart. You get it by asking Him for it. He said, “I’ll give, I’m more willing to give than you are to receive”. This is something you ask! Oh, God, I want to step out now, I want to know your heart.

I’m going to say to you dear friend, if you’re out here without Christ, you come to Jesus Christ and and serve Him as long as you live whether you go to hell at the end of the way because He’s worth! I say to you, Christian friend, you come to the cross and join Him in union in death and enter into all the meaning of death to self in order that He can have glory.

There are numbers among us that are changing! And they don’t know it. You’ve lost your fight! That’s all the devil wants to do is get the fight out of you! And kill it! So you won’t labor in prayer anymore. You won’t weep before God anymore. You can sit and watch television and your family goes to hell!

What is thunder and lightning? Well, according tot he Psalmist, and according to the Bible everywhere, thunder and lightning are but a kind of indication of God’s power! The God who said at the beginning, “Let there be light”, and there was light! Well, now, He just gives you an indication of what His power is in the flash of the lightning! The roar of the thunder! These are the premises of God’s might, God’s power, God’s eternal ability. Very well, a revival, I said, is just a kind of “touch” of His glory. a fleeting glimpse of something of what He is in and of Himself. And I am emphasizing this, my dear friends, because you and I must come to realize that these things are possible! And these things are meant for us. We were never meant to be content with a little. We were never meant to be content with a little.

“Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?”

It’s time to re-examine our lives…
repent of our ways…
and God the Holy Spirit will come, like fire.

Compiled and edited by Tony C. Silva
Inspired by The Revival Hymn by Hand To The Plow Ministries
All audio sermons courtesy of

Revival preachers, in order:
Dr. Ian Paisley
Paris Reidhead
Duncan Campbell
David Wilkerson
Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Revival Hymn Redux


Thoughts On That Judgment Day – Leonard Ravenhill

26 01 2010

Oh God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs! But you know if God should stamp eternity or even judgment on our eyeballs or if you’d like on the fleshy table of our hearts. I am quite convinced we’d be  a very very different tribe of people, God’s people, in the world today.

We live too much in time, we are too earth bound. We see as others men see. We think as other men thinks. We invest our time as the world invests it. We invest our money. We are supposed to be a different breed of people. I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ needs a new revelation of the majesty of God. We’re all going to stand one day… can you imagine it?.. At the judgment seat of Christ to give an account for the deeds done in the body.

This is what – this is the King of kings and He’s the Judge of judges and it’s the Tribunal of tribunals and there’s no court of appeal after it. The verdict is final.

Listen, when you see Jesus, you’re not going to go up and say “Hey buddy, I’m glad You died for me.” When you see Jesus you will be almost paralyzed with fear unless you have a glorified body and a glorified mind.

You say, “Well Mr. Ravenhill, I won’t be in serious trouble because you know, I don’t have a good memory.” Well, I’ll tell you what, you’ll have one that day. In Malachi, it says that God has a book of remembrance. And I think it would do you good before you go to bed every night this week to ask God, “What did you put in Your book today for my life?”

Did you get up this morning and thank God you are pure, huh? Did you thank Him that the devilish fever you use to have for sniffing cocaine or drugs of something that He broke the shackles of it? Are you really glad you’re not a prostitute now, you’re going to be a part of the Bride of the Lamb? Are you glad He had remove from your heart covetousness and bad temper and all those creepy horrible things that use to master you?

The most shattering thought I’d ever had is my personal accountability to God one day. We are not going to be judged just because of what we’ve done, we’re going to be judged for why we did it! Not for the action, for the motive. What motivated your giving? Why? What’s the motive behind it? He doesn’t just take your sins, he takes your self, He takes the government of your life. And it is not only true we live in a world of bankrupt politics, we live in a world, and this is the tragic of all, of a bankrupt church.

When in God’s Name is the church going to open her heart again and open her mind again and see again? Cam God forgive every sin I’ve ever committed? I said, He sure can. That is if you repent of your sin and you plead for the Blood of Christ and you ask for mercy. That tender Christ who went about doing good and He kissed little babies and blessed people… Now, ahh… there is nothing more beautiful than a little lamb. There is nothing more terrible than the wrath of the Lamb.

God should bring every work into judgment with every secret thing. The dead, small, and great are going to stand before God in that awesome day. But say, Am I just a showman? What’s my secret life like? ‘Cause God has not merely given us Jesus Christ, He has given us all things. And because there isn’t enough joy in the house of God, we need entertainment. Because entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.

I think before we point the finger at the world, we better turn to the church and say: “Look we’d better all get sackcloth and ashes and humble ourselves and say Almighty God.”

When I see the church in the New Testament, the didn’t have stately buildings, they didn’t have paid evangelists. They didn’t have a  lot of money. They didn’t have organization. They couldn’t get on TV and beg. But I’ll tell you what they did – they turned the world upside down!! And I’m embarrassed to be a part of the church of Jesus today because I believe it’s an embarrassment to a Holy God.

Most of our joy is clapping our hands and having a good time and then afterward, we’re talking all the dribble of the world.

Oh to be lost in Him! To be consumed in Him!

You get so near to the heart of God, that you share His grief over a world and over a backslidden church that we have today. Because if you’re going to get mature in God, all the dwarfs around you will criticize and sneer at you and say, “You’re trying to be holier than the rest of us, huh?”

You’ll discover this – the men who have been most heroic for God have been the men with the greatest devotional life. The only thing that will tie me in victory continually through the Blood of Christ is my personal devotions to Him, the Son of God. My adoration that I give Him my tribute everyday. It’s more than my service, it is more than giving my money. That I love Him and I adore Him and I magnify Him and I take Him as it were by the feet.

You know why the world is poor and sick outside? Because we really don’t know how to pray, that’s why.

I’ve said it many times, so I say it again this morning – that no man is greater than his prayer life. Let me live with a man awhile and share his prayer life and i’ll tell you how tall I think he is or how majestic I think he is in God.

It’s going to be an awesome day. You see there is no possible… no possibility of any rehearsal. And what, there’s no possibility of any repetition. Because again this is the final judgment.

I think again of a statement Dr. Tozer made to me once. He said, “Len you know what?” He said, “We’ll hardly get our feet out of time into eternity and gaze on eternity that we bow our heads in shame and humiliation and say: “My God, look at all the richest there were in Jesus Christ and I come to the judgment seat almost a pauper.”

Master forgive, and inspire us anew. Banish our worldliness, help us to ever live with eternity’s values in view.

Said that great man who birthed that revival – “God stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”

You know, if we can’t live as a different breed of people on this earth, we have no right to live here. And if we get back to a people who are really baptized with obedience, submissive to the total will of God. Not concerned about human opinion, not asking for more to spend prodigally on ourselves but say, “Oh God, I want this life of mine adjusted so when I stand in Your awesome presence.” As James says – we shall not be ashamed of His appearing.

Thoughts On That Judgment Day by Leonard Ravenhill

Radical Christian – Paul Washer

14 10 2009

I have spent my life in jungles. I have spent my life freezing in the Andes Mountains. I have seen people die. A little boy, Andrew Myman [phonetic], the Muslims shot him five times through the stomach and left him on a sidewalk simply because he cried out, “I am so afraid but I cannot deny Jesus Christ. Please don’t kill me, but I will not deny Him.” And he died in a pool of blood. And you talk about being a radical Christian because you wear a tee shirt, because you go to a conference. I’m talking about holiness. I’m talking about Godliness.

I wish – you know what a move of God would be in this place? If all of you came under conviction, if I myself came under conviction of the Holy Spirit, we fell down on our faces and wept because we watch the things that God hates, because we wear the things that God hates, because we act like the world, look like the world, smell like the world, because we do the very things, and we know not that we do these things, because we do not know the Word of God. Because, even though we claim as a denomination that the Scripture is the infallible Word of God, basically all we get is illustrations, stories, and quaint little novels.

Oh, that God will glow on this place, that we would turn away from our sin, that we would renounce the things that are displeasing to God, and, then, that we would run to Him and we would relish Him and we would love Him.

Oh, that God would raise up missionaries. I don’t wish the same things your parents want for you. They want for you security and insurance and nice homes. They want for you cars and respect. I want for you the same thing I want for my son, that one day he takes a banner, the banner of Jesus Christ, and he places it on a hill where no one has ever placed a banner before, and he cries out, “Jesus Christ is Lord,” even if it costs my son his life. Oh, when he’s 18 year old, if he says to me the same thing I said when I was a young man, “I’m going into the mountains. I’m going into the jungle.” And they said, “You can’t go there. You’re insane. It’s a war. You’re gonna die.” I’m going. When that little boy puts on that backpack, I’m going to pray over him and say, “Go! God be with you, and if you die, my son, I’ll see you over there and I’ll honor your death.”
Oh, God, let’s pray, let’s pray.

Oh, God, I don’t care about reputation. I don’t care what men think. I want You to be honored. I want these young people to be saved. I want those that are saved to stop looking around at a cultural Christianity that You hate and will spew out of Your mouth, and that they will look at the Word of God and say, “I will follow Jesus.”

Oh, God, I pray for youth ministers and pastors and I pray that You’d fill them with the spirit of wisdom and love and boldness and discernment. And dear God, whatever the cost, I pray that you will raise up missionaries. I can’t help but look at these kids and think of my own little boy. Oh, God, that You would save Ian and that You would raise him up and send him into the worst part of the battle. Oh, dear God, raise up missionaries here. Raise up missionaries. Raise up preachers and pastors and reachers and evangelists that know the Word of God. Oh, God, work in this place, please work in this place, dear God. Please. Please. Please. Please.

Radical Christian by Paul Washer


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