This website will keep running and if you haven’t notice, there hasn’t been any activity since the fall of 2011.


Free Gospel Tracts to Print:


12 responses

21 01 2010
Pr John

Hi, first i want to thank for you work that is helping me a lot, and i need to know if you will keep transcripting.

God Bless.

22 01 2010

Glory to God.
Yes I will 🙂

24 01 2010
Pr John

I want to keep in touch with you, do you have msn or skype or any other kind of IM?

25 01 2010

I only use facebook or youtube.

7 05 2010
Senator Barnes

Where are you on youtube? I animated the first part of the Revival Hymn –
Hope you like it!

7 06 2010
Jeremy S.U. Yoon

Great! This is what I always had been looking4. Thanx a lot. God bless u.

4 08 2010

Thank you! Great work 🙂

In Christ,

24 02 2011

What Bible verse is this?

24 06 2011

Of what?

11 03 2011
Bonnie Martinelli

Thank you, I was getting ready to try and type this out until I found yours. Do you have Nate Pfeil’s the Amputee done?

Thanks, Bonnie

24 06 2011

Not yet.

7 03 2012

God bless you ! I’ve been looking for a page like this

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