Are you going to let the lost out run you? – Tim Conway

25 01 2010

If you really believe that this is all true. If this is indeed. You know, when it says over Revelation 14 (v. 13). It says that when we are entering into our rest; our deeds follow us. I tell you this, through all eternity, the things you do in this life and the service of Christ are going to follow you there. And yet, you are giving yourself to the trivialities and the vanities of this life. Amazing!

You know what? Your professing child of God. You say you believe in eternal rewards. You say there is treasure to be had in heaven but then you compare yourself to a lost man and he is out-running you. He is investing all his stuff in this life because he believes that it is going to bring him pleasure. You say, you believe the greatest treasure is at His right hand in the world to come and yet, by your life, you are not proving it and he is outrunning you and his objective [is] what he wants to accomplish than what you are running in. We speak one way brethren, we live another way and we ought to hang our heads that this world should be out-runners.

Jesus Christ said, “I would that you would show yourself in or out, hot or cold. And it you are going to be lukewarm, if you are going to serve Me with a half heart. It sickens Me. I’ll vomit you out of My mouth.” He is not speaking to some turks over there in Esmer bowing down there to their Allah. No! He is speaking to a church just like I am speaking to you now. Not to the lost hordes down there! He is speaking to the Church and He is saying, “If you are going to serve Me with a half heart, divided heart. I hate it, It sickens Me!” Go one way or the other but get off the middle. And if you are not ready, listen and I say this as far as membership to this church. If you are not willing to commit to be hot and to be commit to go all the way, I am not saying God may not move you, God may not take you to another place, that may happen. But when you come, you need to be committed to serve the Living Christ with some heat, with some fervency, with some passion, with some commitment. If you want to play games, there’s a lot of other places that you can go play games. But, we want to do it according to the Word do we not? And it says do it with fervency. It say, don’t be slothful in this.

Zeal matters, passion matters, over, over, over, over, over, over again in the Bible we find, intensity matters, zeal matters, whole heartiness matters, don’t settle for anything less. Too many lazy Christians or at least ‘professing’ lazy Christians. Make no mistake about it, the LORD Christ is calling you to put away your idleness, put away your slothfulness, all your laziness, all your half heartiness. Serve Him as a slave with a boiling spirit. That’s what we are called to do.

BRETHREN, DON’T BE SLOTHFUL. DON’T BE IDLE. There are too much sloth, and sluggishness, and slowness in Christians today.

I am serving the One who died for me. I am serving the One who gave Himself for me. I am serving Him who gave Himself up a fragment offering to His Father on my behalf. Now, let that sink in!

Beloved, we don’t just want to serve Christ, we want to love Christ. We’re not like those pagans. Oh, I’ve got pictures in my mind. Hindus in their yard, in their little doll house looking altars bowing really fast. It is almost you are looking at it and that thing can’t be real. We are not like them. We don’t serve our Christ like the pagans all full of fear, all full of terror. Brethren, If Christ would have to stand here right now, you know, He would speak with authority and yet, with compassion. If He had spoken that way, and He said “Look at My wounds, I’ve done this for you. What have you done for Me?” IS THAT NOT WORTH YOUR FERVENCY?

Are you going to let the lost out run you? by Tim Conway


Hell is Necessary – Tim Conway

19 10 2009

“How many of you think that you’ll go to hell?”

The world has themselves convinced that this is a place that they are not going to.

No man wants to believe he’s going there. You know some of you, you’ve read this text, I know that there are those of you, I know, I know based on what God’s word tells me, some of you in this place that hear my voice will go to the place I describe today. Some of you are headed there, you don’t think you are but even now you provoke God by your very attendance of His worship today because you have not Christ. You have no hope. You’re without God. But you don’t think you’ll go there. You think that somehow you’re going to reason, you’re going to figure out because of something that you have done or are doing or hope to do in the future, somehow you plan to miss that place.

3 people every second are passing into eternity. (Snapping) That fast souls are going out of this world into an eternal hell or an eternal joy. And Gods word says that most of those are on the broad way to destruction, Christ is the only way to the Father. Those who are Buddhist in this world are passing into damnation. Those who die practicing Muslims are going. Practicing Catholics if they are worshipping Mary they are not worshippers of Christ. One of those clicks has your name on it. Think about it, another and another and another and another and another you have passing off into eternity right now and another and another when you take your next breath in the time it took more souls are passing off into eternity. Men walk around they say peace and safety, peace and safety and the word of God says that sudden destruction takes hold on them, then they have these plans, if we could bring up the damned from hell right now what would they say to us? “I never thought to go here, I never thought, I never thought that hell would take me. I thought I had it figured out. It took me in a moment. It took me in a moment I didn’t expect it.” Another, another they’re passing off into eternity, they did not expect hell to take them when it did.

if we could bring up the damned from hell right now what would they say to us? “I never thought to go here, I never thought, I never thought that hell would take me. I thought I had it figured out. It took me in a moment. It took me in a moment I didn’t expect it.” Another, another they’re passing off into eternity, they did not expect hell to take them when it did.

If you are without Christ your sins are mounting up and the moment is coming when God will no longer endure you to stay here.

It is glorious and its dreadfulness and its fearfulness because it reveals to us a part of God that often times we don’t like to admit is real and exists. But it is necessary. We love to talk about God’s love, God’s goodness, God’s mercy, God’s compassion, God’s forbearance, God’s tender mercies. Oh it is good; it is good, good to give thanks to the Lord for those things. But when you think about the severity of hell you begin to realize it is not slap on the wrist. Hell is fearsome. It is dreadful. We read our bibles and we can pass over those texts so freely, so easily, weeping and gnashing of teeth. In the ESV Matthew 18, it speaks about the hell of fire. Hell is a place of fire.

And you open that door and there is a raging infernal fire inside that furnace, and Christ described hell as a fiery furnace. I can’t imagine being pushed through that little hole and then the door being shut! And it will never open! It will never open.

It should strike within our minds that hell is a place of pain unimaginable. The man in Luke 16, he cried out in his torments if only he could have a drop of water for his tongue. But not even that would be given to him. The thing that is so fearful about hell is not just that it is a fiery furnace. Not just that Isaiah would say God who can dwell with those fires but who can dwell with the everlasting burnings. Everlastings, that is the horror of horrors about hell is that it never ends. It is pain, it is excruciating, it is anguish, our generation knows very little about pain. We have so many medications; so much to dull the pain but here there will be nothing to dull it. God will not relieve your pain no matter how you cry, no matter how you weep,

You will weep; think of this, to weep forever, you will weep forever. You will weep, when you land in hell, you will weep more than all the weeping that has ever been done in all the ages of all the earth. You will fill up the measure of the weeping of every individual who has passed through life because you will weep and you will weep and you will weep.

And there’s the idea of the gnashing of teeth, whether its in the unbearable excruciating pain, there are places in scripture that attach the gnashing of teeth to anger as well. The anger at others, the anger at yourself, the anger at God still. Hell is not what some make it out to be, like purgatory. Hell does not make better. The doctrine of hell is about destruction. It doesn’t make better, it destroys everything that has any semblance of good. The image of God that is upon you man will be eternally defaced and defiled, you become even more and more and more contemptible as the eternal ages pass by.

God says in Ezekiel 8, “Therefore I will act in wrath, My eye will not spare, nor will I have pity. And though they cry in My ears with a loud voice I will not hear them.” He will hate you will a perfect hatred. He will hate you and He will have you. That is the fearsomeness of hell, the text we read says that those in hell they are going to be tormented where in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. One of the most fearful things about hell is not the total absence of God, the absence of all of His blessings yes; can you imagine forevermore not any joy, no more comfort? But God is going to be there. One of the fearful things about God is that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. He is a consuming fire.

you come to a text like John 3:36, “the wrath of God abides upon you already if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ.” Already, that doesn’t mean that God goes around with a perpetual smile upon you, it means what it says, His wrath is upon you. If you can get this idea into your minds, into your souls, into your thought process, that there are those of us in this place right now who sit here at relative ease. God hates you. God’s wrath, God’s indignation, God’s anger is directed towards you.

This is no game. If you’re not certain, if something rings true to this in your conscience that I’m in great danger of this, Christ stands ready to pardon. This is a day of mercy. This is a day of grace. Today the voice of Christ beckons you, “Come. Come unto me you that labor and are heavy laden. I’ll give you rest for your souls. Come.” Today it’s “Come. Come.” Then it will be “Depart. Depart. Depart… Depart. And the door will shut. Then it’s all over. No hope. No hope.

Whatever sin you have to leave behind, He says, “It is better to go blind than to go with two eyes into that eternal fire.” You may have some friends. You may have somebody that put pressure on you – children. You hang around with friends that would laugh at you if you did this. Don’t let anybody be responsible for damning your soul. There’s too much at stake, and don’t believe, as some say, that there’s some great party in hell. It’s not that way. You will look and you will gnash your teeth at them if you should both wind up in hell. You’ll say, “Damn you. Damn you. I’m here because of you. You lead me in that sin.” It is not a game. Your soul is at stake. Your soul is at stake. Oh God help you.

Hell is Necessary by Tim Conway


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Let go of your Sin or Perish – Tim Conway

18 10 2009

Here’s the question that I want to ask right now: Why is repentance and faith so hard? Why is there so much violence evolved? Why are there a lot of people seeking to enter in who won’t be able to? Why?!

Now listen very carefully, I am going to tell you another verse. This verse comes from the very end of the Bible and listen very closely as the Bible is finished up and the last book of the New Testament is coming to completion. And the last thing that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to leave with this world is this: Let the one who is thirsty come! Let the one who desires to take the water of life without price.

Let me tell you something, “Is the door into heaven, the Kingdom of God, is it narrow?” Yeah it is narrow. It’s very narrow. But I tell you this: It is wide enough and broad enough and open enough for every single person who desires to go through it, to go through it!

Guarantee folks! Everyone, if you are thirsty go through and drink. God hasn’t shut the door from you for been saved. Just the opposite, He throws it wide open for all who are thirsty. He says, If you have a desire to come in, Come in!

Here’s the thing, Does He say that? He does say Come in. If it’s so easy .. Don’t you wonder about this? If it’s so easy why does it sound so hard? Right? If it sounds so easy? Here’s the door, we are beckoning to go through – Kingdom of God in our midst. All who desire can go all through. So easy and yet, [phew!] and it sounds so hard!

Here’s the thing, the door of the Kingdom of God is like a monkey trap. Now I know that some of you have heard about this. Listen to me, this monkey trap deal that I am going to tell you about is no urban legend. This thing is real. This thing is real and monkeys are really like this.

Now listen, trappers, you know obviously if you want to kill and monkey because you want to eat the monkey. You don’t have to be concerned about preserving the monkey. Just stick a arrow through it and put it on your plate but for those who want to capture monkeys for zoos and that type of thing where they want monkey unharmed. They have a way of trapping them. Well how? Well basically they take a gourd or a coconut or a bottle.

Let’s use the bottle in the illustration, it’s a good one. They basically get a bottle where has an opening to it where the monkey can get his hand in and they put nuts inside – delicious nuts. Just the kind the monkeys love to eat. Well what happens? The monkey puts his hand through the neck of the bottle where he can fit then, he reaches in there and grabs hold of one of the nuts. Well there’s a problem now. Now the nuts in the hand, his close fist; it’s too big to come out of the neck of the bottle.

Now you would think, “Okay, monkey drop the nut, monkey goes free!” That’s exactly right but guess what they found, the monkey will never drop the nut. And so, even when the trapper comes, the monkey sees him and is just going crazy trying to get away. He still won’t drop the nut!

Trappers got him, in the bag he goes. And you know, I’ll tell you again, this is no urban legend. This is how they trap – I read about it on the internet, well I never seen it done but I take it on good account that this actually happens.

The door way to the kingdom of God is just the same, it’s big enough for you to get through if you tarre out these eyes and drop those nuts of repentance – that Christ calls you to drop. That’s the whole point. If you don’t tarre out the eye – you don’t fit through. If you don’t drop the nut, you won’t go through.

Listen if one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple (Luke 14:33). Its big enough for you to get through if you do let go the stuff. But if there’s even one thing in your life that you are not willing to get rid of, a idol in your life that you won’t give up. You can’t go through. Idols and sin are too big to go through that door. You are willing or you are called to go, you are ask to go, you are bid to go, you are pleaded to go, you are commanded to go. You are commanded to repent and believe. You are commanded to go through that door.

In some places, God pleads with the sinner to go though that door. In some places, God pleads through His servants to you to go though that door. He bids you. He does it in commandment, He does it in some most affectionate terminology imaginable. He says. He actually comes down to the level of the sinner and says, “Come let us reason together!” I mean He is, He will even reason with sinners. He bids us “Come”. He provided a way in.

The problem is, look folks, God hasn’t shut the door on anybody. The thing is, there’s a nut that most people have and you know what the thing is? The thing is, most people will give up many things to have heaven but they won’t give up everything. They have that one or two special nuts and the won’t given up. They will not let go! And even if they hear that there is danger. Even if they hear that there is such a thing as hell. Just like the monkey when he sees the trappers coming. I mean that there is the danger just before their face and this guy will take me away, he is going to throw me in a place that I don’t want to be! And even when the sinner sees God is going to come for me and He is going to throw me in a place that I don’t want to be. Even when they see the danger, they won’t let go! Why won’t they let go? That’s the thing, why won’t the sinner not let go? Because as we find in Hebrews, what is it? Hebrew 3:3, the deceitfulness of sin.

You know what folks when you really boil it down on why people won’t repent? Because they don’t believe. That’s the issue, they don’t really believe. You see to believe a lie is to be a unbeliever. Sin is deceitful. Basically every sinner that will not enter. Why do have all these crowded people that think they will enter in when they will not enter in? I will tell you why because they have an nut in their hand.

They will come around and say, “I am trying to be saved. I calling upon God to be saved.” Let me see your hand. Yup that’s what I thought, can’t get their hand out because they have a nut in their hand and they will come around and they will be in tears and you know I am called upon the Lord and you know, He won’t save me. And I am doing this, and doing that and I coming to church and He won’t save me. You know why because of the nut in the hand. The monkey let go of the nut he is out right now!

You know what, 19 years ago, I had certain sins in my life I didn’t wanted to get rid of and I knew, I knew God showed me “You are going to hell for these sins”. And I knew that I deserved it and I sobbed and danger stared me at the face but there were certain sins that I didn’t wanted to get rid of. Now I will tell you this, the very 9th of July 1990, when I opened my hand – BANG like that I was saved. That fast!

Let go of your Sin or Perish by Tim Conway