Let go of your Sin or Perish – Tim Conway

18 10 2009

Here’s the question that I want to ask right now: Why is repentance and faith so hard? Why is there so much violence evolved? Why are there a lot of people seeking to enter in who won’t be able to? Why?!

Now listen very carefully, I am going to tell you another verse. This verse comes from the very end of the Bible and listen very closely as the Bible is finished up and the last book of the New Testament is coming to completion. And the last thing that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to leave with this world is this: Let the one who is thirsty come! Let the one who desires to take the water of life without price.

Let me tell you something, “Is the door into heaven, the Kingdom of God, is it narrow?” Yeah it is narrow. It’s very narrow. But I tell you this: It is wide enough and broad enough and open enough for every single person who desires to go through it, to go through it!

Guarantee folks! Everyone, if you are thirsty go through and drink. God hasn’t shut the door from you for been saved. Just the opposite, He throws it wide open for all who are thirsty. He says, If you have a desire to come in, Come in!

Here’s the thing, Does He say that? He does say Come in. If it’s so easy .. Don’t you wonder about this? If it’s so easy why does it sound so hard? Right? If it sounds so easy? Here’s the door, we are beckoning to go through – Kingdom of God in our midst. All who desire can go all through. So easy and yet, [phew!] and it sounds so hard!

Here’s the thing, the door of the Kingdom of God is like a monkey trap. Now I know that some of you have heard about this. Listen to me, this monkey trap deal that I am going to tell you about is no urban legend. This thing is real. This thing is real and monkeys are really like this.

Now listen, trappers, you know obviously if you want to kill and monkey because you want to eat the monkey. You don’t have to be concerned about preserving the monkey. Just stick a arrow through it and put it on your plate but for those who want to capture monkeys for zoos and that type of thing where they want monkey unharmed. They have a way of trapping them. Well how? Well basically they take a gourd or a coconut or a bottle.

Let’s use the bottle in the illustration, it’s a good one. They basically get a bottle where has an opening to it where the monkey can get his hand in and they put nuts inside – delicious nuts. Just the kind the monkeys love to eat. Well what happens? The monkey puts his hand through the neck of the bottle where he can fit then, he reaches in there and grabs hold of one of the nuts. Well there’s a problem now. Now the nuts in the hand, his close fist; it’s too big to come out of the neck of the bottle.

Now you would think, “Okay, monkey drop the nut, monkey goes free!” That’s exactly right but guess what they found, the monkey will never drop the nut. And so, even when the trapper comes, the monkey sees him and is just going crazy trying to get away. He still won’t drop the nut!

Trappers got him, in the bag he goes. And you know, I’ll tell you again, this is no urban legend. This is how they trap – I read about it on the internet, well I never seen it done but I take it on good account that this actually happens.

The door way to the kingdom of God is just the same, it’s big enough for you to get through if you tarre out these eyes and drop those nuts of repentance – that Christ calls you to drop. That’s the whole point. If you don’t tarre out the eye – you don’t fit through. If you don’t drop the nut, you won’t go through.

Listen if one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple (Luke 14:33). Its big enough for you to get through if you do let go the stuff. But if there’s even one thing in your life that you are not willing to get rid of, a idol in your life that you won’t give up. You can’t go through. Idols and sin are too big to go through that door. You are willing or you are called to go, you are ask to go, you are bid to go, you are pleaded to go, you are commanded to go. You are commanded to repent and believe. You are commanded to go through that door.

In some places, God pleads with the sinner to go though that door. In some places, God pleads through His servants to you to go though that door. He bids you. He does it in commandment, He does it in some most affectionate terminology imaginable. He says. He actually comes down to the level of the sinner and says, “Come let us reason together!” I mean He is, He will even reason with sinners. He bids us “Come”. He provided a way in.

The problem is, look folks, God hasn’t shut the door on anybody. The thing is, there’s a nut that most people have and you know what the thing is? The thing is, most people will give up many things to have heaven but they won’t give up everything. They have that one or two special nuts and the won’t given up. They will not let go! And even if they hear that there is danger. Even if they hear that there is such a thing as hell. Just like the monkey when he sees the trappers coming. I mean that there is the danger just before their face and this guy will take me away, he is going to throw me in a place that I don’t want to be! And even when the sinner sees God is going to come for me and He is going to throw me in a place that I don’t want to be. Even when they see the danger, they won’t let go! Why won’t they let go? That’s the thing, why won’t the sinner not let go? Because as we find in Hebrews, what is it? Hebrew 3:3, the deceitfulness of sin.

You know what folks when you really boil it down on why people won’t repent? Because they don’t believe. That’s the issue, they don’t really believe. You see to believe a lie is to be a unbeliever. Sin is deceitful. Basically every sinner that will not enter. Why do have all these crowded people that think they will enter in when they will not enter in? I will tell you why because they have an nut in their hand.

They will come around and say, “I am trying to be saved. I calling upon God to be saved.” Let me see your hand. Yup that’s what I thought, can’t get their hand out because they have a nut in their hand and they will come around and they will be in tears and you know I am called upon the Lord and you know, He won’t save me. And I am doing this, and doing that and I coming to church and He won’t save me. You know why because of the nut in the hand. The monkey let go of the nut he is out right now!

You know what, 19 years ago, I had certain sins in my life I didn’t wanted to get rid of and I knew, I knew God showed me “You are going to hell for these sins”. And I knew that I deserved it and I sobbed and danger stared me at the face but there were certain sins that I didn’t wanted to get rid of. Now I will tell you this, the very 9th of July 1990, when I opened my hand – BANG like that I was saved. That fast!

Let go of your Sin or Perish by Tim Conway


Truth – Al Martin

9 10 2009


ARE YOU DOING WHAT JESUS WHO SPEAKS THE WORDS OF THE FATHER? ARE YOU DOING WHAT HE SAYS? SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD. ARE YOU TAKING EVERY STEP NECESSARY TO STOP FEEDING YOUR LUST? IN GOD’S NAME WHY? WHY? WHY? Why will you sit through another service and stand by a sign post that points you away from hell and the Wrath of God and points to heaven and life and forgiveness, and hug death to your breast?

Oh The Madness, You Are A Vile, Filthy, Helpless, Hell Deserving, Wretched Son Or Daughter Of Adam. You Know Nothing Of True Repentance And Therefore Of True And Saving Faith.

Or you just occasionally have a little whimper in the closet when your conscience gets so active that You Can’t Live With It and you whimper and cry and ask God for a little help and then you go right back with your hand and your eyeball firmly attached.

Oh yes, once in a while you will take a dull parry knife and scratch your hand and occasionally you scratch around your eyeballs but you haven’t begun to CUT OFF AND PLUCK OUT.

You better listen to the words of Jesus, “Not Everyone Who Says ‘Lord, Lord’ Shall Enter But He That Does The Will Of My Father In Heaven”. If ye by the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the flesh ye shall live. IF YOU LIVE AFTER THE FLESH, YOU’LL DIE.

The cross does not give us a minor shift or two with regard to a few or our ethical and moral and religious values. The cross radically disrupts the very center and citadel of your life from self to Christ and IF THE CROSS HAS NOT DONE THAT YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.

MY FRIEND FACE IT, YOUNG ROGUE, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN until the cross has RADICALLY DISRUPTED THE VERY CENTER AND CITADEL OF YOUR LIFE. And brought you from a life of commitment to serve self, whether it’s Religious Self, Moral Self, Proud Self, Covetous Self, Lustful Self, Prideful Self, Unforgiving Self, Lazy Self, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT ARE THE FOCAL POINTS OF THE REIGN OF YOUR SELF!

If you’ve gone to the cross in union with Christ it’s been SHATTERED.

I want you in that day, when you stand with me before the Judge of the world. To have Him say, “Come Be Blessed”

I don’t want to look at you standing there saying ‘Lord, Lord!’, ‘Lord, Lord!’ I Named You In Earth. I Named You Before The Elders. I Named You Before The Church. I Named You In Prayer Meeting. I Named You In Witness. And Lord, Now Lord. Lord Didn’t I Not Done This? Didn’t I Not Done That?

I don’t want to hear Him say, “Depart from me, I never knew you. You worker of iniquity” You never were made a doer of the Will of God. You learned enough and you learned what to say properly enough to be accepted for what you professed yourself to be on earth and now the day of Judgment has come and the truth is now to be known

Truth by Al Martin

The truth is that the way is truly narrow and few people will find eternal life. (Matthew 7:21, Luke 13:24)

Open Air Preaching in Lima – Paul Washer

8 10 2009

Good night, my name is Paul Washer and I am not from here. But I saw that Peruvian guy talking about Jesus Christ and so I also want to preach. I want to say something about Jesus. I want to share with you my testimony.

25 years ago, I was going to the University of Texas to become a lawyer. There, everything was going pretty well for me. My grades were quite good. My career was almost perfect. But I was a drunkard, a horrible drunkard. When I was 17 years old, my dad who was very rich. My dad and I were working with our horses in our ranch. Because his hobby was to grow up horses. And we were there working, and my dad screamed and I laid hold of him. And we fell to the floor and he was dead.

At that point, I realized that it doesn’t matter if I am rich, I am going to die. No matter how smart I am, I am going to die. No matter if I find the girlfriend of my dreams, I am going to die as well. Isn’t it? Like you all are going to die. I am sorry for my good or bad news. But well you all are going to die.

Then I began to think. What is my life?… I went to college and I was studying there and everthing else. But without hope, without hope! But one day, a young man knocked on my door and began to talk to me about Jesus Christ… And I thought, the same as you are thinking of myself, that he was crazy, a mad man. Because what a foolishness talking about Christ at my door in these modern days!
“Does he not know that I am a college student?!”

So, he began to talk directly to my heart. He said:

“My friend, look: your life… how is it? Are you content?”
“Why? Do you have money?”
“Do you have a family?”
“Do you have a good education?” “Yes”
“Why then you are not content?” “Because I am going to die”
“I am going to die”

Then, he opened up his Bible and began to talk to me about the person of Jesus Christ.

Now, we are going to look at something, and I want everyone to listen to me. In regards to the person of Jesus Christ there are only 3 possibilities. Only 3, and tonight you have to decide who is Jesus for you. The first possibility is this: Christ was a mad man. Because any man who says that he is the Son of God and is not even if he believes it in sincerity, is crazy, a mad man. If we find a man who stands at the park and preaches that he is the Son of God, we know that he is crazy but Jesus said that he was the Son of God. There are only 3 possibilities: One: a very sincere man but a mad man, a crazy. Another possibility: Jesus Christ was a liar that he knew he was not the Son of God and he lied and deceived more people that any false prophet in the history of mankind.

So, with the person of Jesus Christ there are only 3 possibilities: One: He was a mad man; Two: He was a liar; Three: He is the Son of God. Probably, some of you say: “Well, Jesus Christ was a good man but I think he was not actually the Son of God”. But there is a problem with your logic: If Jesus was not the Son of God then he was not a good man. Because a good man does not deceive and a mad man is not a good man. You have to know who Jesus really was.

Another question: in all the churches, you always hear about the Gospel. The Evangelicals talk about the Gospel, the Catholics talk about the Gospel, you talk about the Gospel. But do you know what is the Gospel? Do you have an idea? Everyone talking about God and of Jesus Christ, but do you know what is the Gospel? Have you ever one time in your life understood what is the Gospel? I am going to explain it to you, look!

The word “Gospel” comes from a Latin word “evangelicon” and it means “Good, happy news”.

The only reason why I am shouting, it;’s not because I am angry, it is because I don’t have a microphone. I have to shout. But the Gospel is not bad news, it is good news. But it starts this way: God is just

I have a question for you: Do you prefer God to be unjust, or do you want a just God? Who wants an unjust God? A bad God? Anyone? No! Nobody!

God is just. But you say: “It’s Ok” No! The fact that God is just is your greatest problem. Your greatest problem is that God is just. You say: “Why is that a problem?” Why? Because you are not just. You have sinned. The Bible says: “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God “. YOU HAVE SINNED. You know that! I don’t have to even try to convince you that you have sinned. YOU HAVE SINNED. You have lied, you have had malicious thoughts. Look, look:

If I could make a DVD out of your life and I could display that DVD tonight at this park of every thought you have thought of every single day of you life. You would run away from this place and you would never ever come back. Because you have done things so shameful that you don’t want to even talk about them with anyone. It’s true! I know it’s true. Why? Because he bible says so and because I am like you.

Now, God is just and you & I have disobeyed God. You have broken the Law of God. Now, the greatest problem in the Scriptures is this: How can a just God forgive the sinner and still remain just? This is the greatest problem in all the Bible. I am going to give you an illustration:

Let’s say that a thief kills your family. And you catch him, and you make him appear before the judge. And the judge says to the man that killed your family:

“Look, I am a loving judge. That’s the reason why I forgive you. You are free to go”

How would you react? You would be so angry! you will scream! You will contact all Congressmen, the President and everyone else saying:

“Over here there is a judge that is more corrupt, that the criminals, he forgives”

If God is just, He HAS to satisfy His Justice. And the only way that that is possible is by punishing you in Hell for all your sins. That’s true. However, the Bible says also that God is LOVE. God is love. So God have made a way to satisfy His justice against you and to save you It’s only through His Son Jesus Christ.

At the cross, first Jesus Christ is more than just a man. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.
Who became a man through the incarnation and was born of a Virgin Mary. He walked on this Earth and He lived a life absolutely perfect. Yet by the providence of God, He was nailed to a cross

At the cross, now, think! What happened at the cross? What truly happened? Let’s listen to Jesus Christ, He said when He was at the cross:

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Think! What was happening at the cross? The Only Begotten Son of God is at the cross and His Father forsakes Him?! Is rejected by His Father?!… Why? Because when Christ was at the cross He bore our sins. And God is HOLY and He cannot tolerate sin. Then, He forsook Jesus at the cross. And all the justice of God that you deserve and I deserve. This justice fell upon Jesus. And when Jesus died, He paid the fine for our sins. And now we can be saved through the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Now, there are many people passing by that way they believe the Bible is the Word of God. But when someone steps out at the park to preach the Word of God. They say to themselves: “So strange! Foolishness!” But it is not foolishness if it’s truly the Word of God. Everyone is always talking about the fact that Christ is coming soon. But isn’t it interesting that nobody is preparing himself? That all the youth and everyone else are having fun at this park? And they don’t even think in the person of Jesus..

Look at all the hypocrisy that exists, everyone says: “Jesus is the Son of God”. But they live as though Jesus had never come.

Tonight, you have heard the Gospel. That of a true God loves you and that He sent His Son Jesus. And that you can receive forgiveness for your sins and no only that. You can live in newness of life

I am here not because I am religious I am here because 25 years ago the LORD changed my life. A horrible life! There are many of you who are seeking after money. My family has much more! Many of you want to become popular. I know some that are famous. I can tell this: You will not be content with popularity or wealth. You will not be content with your immorality, having fun. You will only be content and you will find life in the person of Jesus Christ alone

Now, I am going to come down. Don’t be afraid. I am not that crazy as you believe. If you want to learn more you can come near to me, or to any brother around here.

Open Air Preaching in Lima by Paul Washer

What is Salvation in 2 minutes – Paul Washer

7 10 2009

At this moment God commands all men to repent and believe that today is the day of salvation, that you are to flee from the wrath to come, to flee from the law of Moses that condemns you into the city of refuge, who is Jesus Christ our LORD.

Run to Him

Repentance is simply given up, to stop fighting against God and to stop attempting to gain your own salvation through your own works; to literally give up and fall upon Christ.

That is salvation!

So that you say, nothing in my hands I bring simply to the cross I cling

And when that seed grows in you, to the point when you know that you are standing before God is 100 absolutely percent based and founded upon the perfect work and merit of Jesus Christ, then you stand before Him with confidence. Knowing that all your sins have been atone for and that you are righteous in Christ.

Come to Him.





What Is Salvation in 2 minutes by Paul Washer