The Unconditional Love of Christ – Paul Washer

15 02 2011

He looks at you and He says this, “Father, such is my love to this one person and my piety for them after they have broken every command” He still says, “such is my love” and “such is my piety” Proud man say, “I don’t want Your piety!” You need His piety. You need His piety. We are pitiful. He says, “such is my love to and piety for them that rather that they shall perish eternally, I will be responsible for them as their guarantee. Bring in all Thy bills, Father, that I may see what they owe Thee.”

Now, sometimes a young man will get marry and after he gets married, he will start to get a little bit shaky on his commitment. He said, I had no idea marriage was this tough. I don’t know if this is really what I am made to do.” You see. He was boasting how much he would love this girl, he had no idea the commitment that he was going to have to make. But that is not true with Christ. Here He says to the Father, “Father bring in everything they owe Thee. Let Me see it.”

Imagine this: He sees everything that you owe justice. He doesn’t go to that cross blindly. He doesn’t get on the cross and say, “No Father, I don’t want to do this! I didn’t know that it would cost so much.” He knew from eternity how much it would cost Him and yet, He still did it. But listen to this: Bring in all Thy bills that I may see what they owe Thee. Lord, bring them all in” Now listen, believers if this doesn’t make you so happy, you weep or cry out for joy you are not understanding what I am saying. He says, “Bring in all the bills. Bring them all in that there may be no after-reckonings with them.”

Do you see what He is saying? “Bring in everyone of their bills from the time they were born to the time they die. Everything they owe Thee Father. Bring them all in. I want to see them all and on that tree, I want to pay for them all there so that you would never have to deal with them with regard with their sin.” Do you see that, believer? He never has to deal with you again. It’s over! All your crimes are paid for: your crimes in the past, your crimes in the present, your crimes that you are going to commit in the future; all of them paid for! And some people say, “Well if you tell that to people, they will just sin.” No, they won’t; not true believers. Carnal, wicked lost churches members will hear that and go on sinning but believers will say, “If His love is like that. If He has set me free completely, I am His. I don’t want to sin anymore. I don’t want to sin anymore.”

You see brothers, that’s what leads to holiness, that’s why the gospel is called: the mystery of godliness. You see that? It’s the thing that produces godliness in the believer. Yes there are commands and there are rules but that is not what makes us godly. What makes us godly is knowing that Jesus died and that He died for me. And when He died He paid for every sin past present and future, and God will never again, never, call me in to His judgment Hall, to judge me. Never again. I am free. I am free. O thank God I am free.

And you say, But brother Paul, it’s says that there’s going to be a judgment for a believer. Yeah but listen to this, in that judgment, when you look up unto the Judge’s face, it will be your Father, it will be your Brother. The One who judges you is the One who died for you. Don’t you see that? You’re free. You’re free. No guilt. Always come to Him. Always go back to Him. Always run to Him. You’re free. You finally walked through a door that no one in this world knows anything about–it’s unconditional love. You’re just loved and it can’t be changed now! Because of that perfect work of Christ there on that tree on your behalf.
Christ so loved you, so loved His bride that He who was ruler of all things, the heir of the universe and beyond. He became a servant because of His love for His bride. Because of His love for you as individuals.

The Unconditional Love of Christ by Paul Washer




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