Joy from Christ, not your performance – Paul Washer

24 01 2010

Father, I will preach a message today that I myself had trouble living. Lord do not allow me to be in the hypocrisy of making people believe I am something I am not. For I know Lord that there are no such thing, there is no such thing as a great man of God only weak, pitiful, faithless man of a great and merciful God. Oh Lord that you would provide the power through your Holy Spirit to change my life through this message and to make me more conform to the image of Christ through this message. Lord I will greatly appreciate it. Help us all Lord in Jesus name. Amen.

May God help is all get our greatest joy from Christ, and not from our performance.

I am so tired of just doing. So tired of having my Christian life reduced down to how I perform and what I do. Jesus Christ comes to me. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and He tells me this, “It is not what you do, for I can raise up rocks to do what you do and to do better than you do. But it is, Paul, the seal that I’ve set up upon you, the decree and the hope is that you would be conformed to My image.” That you would be conform… that is what He desires. And I submit to you today that all the problems, if not all, most of the problems in your life come from who you are not, from your character. Who you are as a person. Our squabbles in our marriages come from fleshly outbursts. They come from not reflecting Jesus Christ. The problem between brothers, the problem in life, the problem.. the disruption of our own conscience, everything comes down from: we are not putting enough emphasize where emphasize belongs and it is on “becoming like Jesus“. Everybody want to do something, when we ought to be wanting to be something.

Now listen to me, this might set some of you free. Do you ever get up in the morning and you had your quiet time and feel the presence of God and you were studying the Word and you seem to, God seems to speak to you and then you go out and you witness to everybody and you are obedient, and, boy, you just did it right that day. I mean you just were on top of the world, you loved your wife, you didn’t kick the cat, you are just walking with God and you are so full of joy at the end of the day. Then the next day you get up, well you overslept, you should’ve watched that program that night before, you should have been in the Word, you didn’t witness when you had an opportunity and there’s a real sense that you are filled with sorrow. You know what it is? Idolatry. You have become the source of your own joy. Your joy comes from you and your continous work. My joy comes from the finish work of Jesus Christ.

Now I want to be obedient, I want to witness, I want to love my wife and there is a great sense that the Holy Spirit convicts me when I do not do those things. But the point is, poverty of spirit is a wonderful thing because when you realize. It is like I use to tell to young preachers, I’d say, in order to preach you have to have the power of God on your life. Now I them in order to tie your shoes, you have to have the power of God on your life. You cannot breath.

Sometimes I get invited to church growth conferences, not really often but they will talk of all these great things that they are going to do, then I will get up and say, “Let me ask you a  question: From where does every breath come? From God. From where does every beat of your heart, from where does they come? From God. Oh so you caracterize all here you pastors and preachers and evangelists and missionaries with all these great plans, now let me tell you something. YOU CAN’T EVEN BREATH. Your heart will not even beat except for the power of God on your life.”

Apart from any measure of grace in my life, I would be here to you today nothing more than deceiving demonstration of atheistical flesh. That’s all I would ever be!

I was reading through Galatians this morning and I was so convicted. I was reading through Galatians and it talked about desertion and disputes, things like that. And I realize that sometimes I do that with my wife and it just showed me that it wasn’t that well you know I have .. we just have a problem where we dont agree. The fact of the matter is, I am in the flesh. I am in the flesh and I am not relying upon the power of God and the reason why I am not is because I am not poor in spirit. Someones says, “Well I am poor in spirit”. How much do you pray? How much do you tremble? How much do you rely on the wisdom of God revealed in His Word? Poverty of spirit.

But isn’t that wonderful, church, listen to me. Isn’t wonderful that you don’t have to be something big. Actually what you have to be is something low, something broken and humble, take the back seat, wash the feet, be timid and afraid of any task put before you so that it drives you to your knees. Realize in the morning that I shall not move to my left or to my right, one quarter of a inch because without the power of God upon my life, surely I will fall. Thats what the passage means in prayer, “lead us not into temptation”.

It is a recognition of weakness. and a recognition of a tremendous need of grace.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

Oh what a place, what a place!

Joy from Christ, not your performance by Paul Washer


The FIRE – Nate Pheil

21 11 2009

Have you ever thought that there would be people that have gone to hell today that never thought that they would get there? I mean, they might have thought that they would go there but they never really believed that they will go to hell. They never actually knew what hell is going to be like. They never actually believed that someday they would go there and that probably they were good – you know? But after all, they’re Christians. Of course they never thought that they would go there, but they are there. Right now. Many of them cursing God because some preacher told them that God was love and that love was tolerance and that God would never let them feel condemned.

Ever heard the phrase, a sugar makes the medicine go down. More like a little truth makes deception acceptable.

I want to be very clear on something: I have a heart for every soul – lost and saved. But this video from the very first idea of it until the very last edit that I’ve made was made for church people. I have spoken out in the past and I think it’s funny because a lot of church people have come up to me and they say, “You’re gonna turn off the lost people off.” or “you would make sinners want nothing to do with you.” They missed the whole point. I am talking to you. I am talking to church people. The people that already think they believe in Christ. The people that serve in churches. The people that evangelize the lost. The people of the Church.

I want to tell you something: it is a absolute, no second question, no explanation, no hearing of your life’s story, impossibility for you to be saved and yet live in a continuous state of worldliness. And you say things like, “God will forgive me. God was with me since I was a kid. After all, I got saved a long time ago. Surely He will just forgate about this.”
And you say things like that but you keep on doing all of the evil you can. You intentionally indulge in your favorite sin. And when there is still time to stop. While there is still time for you to just think about and say “No I do not want to do it”. In the same breath you say, “Boy I am sure God is merciful”.

But Christ seated at the right hand of the Father looks down from Heaven and He says, “Do you have any idea what your forgiveness cost me? I’ve had my flesh tore out my neck, and back and legs. I had thorns jammed into my head. I was stabbed in the side. gore gushed from my hands and from my feet and from my back just to cover the thing you so lightly indulge in. But in truth, this thing that I went in the physical. They were nothing compared to what I was going through the spiritual. If you multiply all of these physical things that I’ve gone through times a thousand. It still cannot cover your one sin. Don’t you know that God, the Father, beated me to pieces? He obliterated me beyond recognition. He took the cup of Wrath that had your name on it and He splashed it on my perfect, sinless and bleedy face. And what is worst, God did this to me with a smile. It pleased Him to crush me for you.
That’s what your forgiveness cost me.”

Most professing Christians have never realized their actually need for Christ. They have been invited to Him in such a way that seems like, “oh I am doing God a favor just to believe in Christ.” They have never been told that the very first level of Christianity is a complete denial to all of your desires and to everything that you ever being. They have never been clearly shown that whosoever doesn’t wake up in the morning in die to every one of his desires is not even worthy of walking in Jesus’ footsteps.
They do not understand that being a Christian means that they are crucified to the world and that the world is crucified to them. That means the world thinks of you as a fool that has nothing to contribute to society and that there is nothing that the world offers that you desire. Thet you have now nothing to do with sin and everything to do with God.
It has been told by many professing Christians that Jesus said and meant, no one can serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other every time. If you do not mind very much when people use His glorious Name in vain. If you do not mind of seeing places that are build on sin. If you do not feel deeply offended at the fornication in your favorite movies. At the scoffing of the glorious Name of Jesus and the jokes that defile his very throne and slap His face in rebellion, then you hate Him. It is not very hard to figure out because Jesus said, you will hate the one and love the other always.

If you love the world, you hate Him or else Jesus was wrong. But you say, “No that isn’t truth. I love Jesus. Jesus is Lord.” But who are you trying to convince? Isn’t interesting when anyone brings a word of correction about your sin. You immediately pass them off as unChrist-like and judgmental. It is digusting that it is more of a scandal to this church culture to reprove sin than is to laugh at it. The one who says, sin is wrong is judgmental and the one who commits it and encourages others to do it is Christ-like – how disgusting!
You do not want to be like God. You just want people to back off when they are starting to reprove the very thing you were in love most with.
Truth love for God means truth hatred for sin.

In Matthew 7 and in Luke 13, Jesus says that many will be telling Him on that Day that He is the actual Lord of their life. But He will say, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”
Your profess faith in Jesus means absolutely nothing.

You say, well you know that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well I heard a great preacher recently say that that whole idea is invented of Satan. Because Jesus said, you can judge a book by it’s cover because in John 15, He said, you will know false prophets by their fruit.

Tell me how long will it actually take you if you walk to a apple tree and there were fruits of apples all over for you to say, “It’s a apple tree”? A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. That’s what Jesus said. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire…” (John 15:5-6)

No one has to hear what you have been through. No one has to know that from what you have been saved. All they have to do is look at your fruit. You have been serving in church your whole life but look at your fruit for a second. What about the things that come out your mouth when you talked to people in conversations? What are your affections set toward – are they God things? You can tell Him that you have sit in church, you can tell Him that He is Lord. But if you die without bearing Christ’s fruits, you will go to hell for all of eternity. And ten millions years will pass and you will be under the weight of this thing that no human on earth can bare for even a second. And, it will be like no time has past in eternity – no time. A hundred years pass and is the same – you are there. There you are suffering the Wrath of God because you believed some lying preacher that was a wolf in sheep clothing that just tried to encourage you and so you are maybe saying as many already have, “Hey, you are judgmental.” “You are unChrist-like.” “You are condescending.” “You are heavy.” “You are turning people off by they way that you talk.” Can’t you see that I want you to live?

As the main purpose of your existence to live. That is God number one desire. The biggest problem in the Bible if you would read it that God is faced with is that if He just, He cannot forgive you.

Go talk to the lost people on the streets and see if they don’t tell you that God is forgiving. They have heard of the trenmendous love of God and yet, they are still with the very sin that crushed and murdered Him. And so are many of you.

“Hey let’s watch a movie tonight! What there is nudity and there is 12 ‘GD’s’? A hundred and forty ‘F’ words? That’s alright, I’ve freedom in Christ.” Freedom from what? Freedom to let the worst words that can be spilled out of a human mouth serve you. Entertainment and yet, you still claim that you love Him with your whole heart? You make lau- you make jesters at the very things that murdered Him? Not only that, but you spit in the bloody face of the Lamb of God as He hangs on a jack of wood taking your wrath and you say, “Don’t worry! He forgives.” Do you know the character of the god you serve? In the book of Jeremiah, God’s people have been wicked by serving other gods and having their affection set on other things and willfully sinning and not saying that they have sinned. And not acknowledging their need for God. We find in Jeremiah chapter 14 repenting genuine biblical repentance for the people of God and he said, “Lord, we confess our wickedness and that of our ancestors, too. We all have sinned against You. For the sake of Your reputation, Lord, do not abandon us. Do not disgrace Your Own glorious throne. Please remember us, and do not break Your covenant with us.” (Jeremiah 14:20-22).

It’s really good repentance it’s really genuine. It’s better than most of you had prayed. But what may shock you is God’s response, “Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me pleading for these people, I wouldn’t help them. Away with then! Get then out of my sight!” (Jeremiah 15:1). Then He told Jeremiah, “Do not go to funerals to mourn and show sympathy for these people, for I have removed My peace and protection from them. I have taken away My unfailing love and My mercy.” (Jeremiah 16:5).

These weren’t the lost people of the world. These were His people.

So you are maybe questioning, “Hey, why are you saying this to me? To me you still sound judgmental.” Well I heard a story of a young man that was dying on his deathbed. His brother was there next to him. And, he said, “Brother, why have you been so indifferent to me about my soul as you have been?” Brother said, “Indifferent? I haven’t been indifferent to you! I’ve spoken to you often about it.” Brother said, “Yeah, you’ve spoken but I think if you would remember that I was going down to hell you would have been more earnest with me.”

Every time you hear a sermon and you see a video, or you hear a song that is convicting or anything. You have chance to either to repent or to harden your heart. Some of you have watched a video that I’ve made in the past and you’ve thought, “Man, that’s very good or maybe you’ve told me hey, I will start changing. Thank you for this, and this but you really haven’t decided to change and tap in in the grace of God. You’re hardening your heart against Him. You are making it harder for yourself. Don’t make your judgment twice as bad for hearing the Word of Lord and then ignoring it.

I am telling you about hell and I am you that some of you are going there unless you repent. But, if you harden your heart in your whole life and die without repenting. You will look back in the day that you have watched this video and from the flames of hell, you will curse. You will curse the day you were born. You will curse this day and you will say, I wish I’ve even never watched because now I know that he was right. Now I know that hell is real, that he wasn’t just to scare me and that I was going. I was going to burn there for all of eternity. Now I see the truth. Now I see.

I got to tell you something very solemn, there is nothing in this life that you can do that will take away the glory of God. And, in the end He will be glorified in your life.
There’s a verse in Scripture that talks about that for all of eternity, the lake of fire will be open for people to come and see the fierce wrath of God. And that they will be able to observe how majestic He is and they will see in awe of their hearts and they will come back and worship Him. The line of heart stops their enemies as their blood sprinkles all over their robes and they will come bow before Him and say Holy holy holy is the Lamb which taketh the sin of the world. But, do you know what mercy is? Mercy is that you can choose. And, so, you choose will God be glorified by your damnation and eternal punishment or will He be glorified by your salvation and your worship.

I’ve realized that a lot of you think that I am crazy. I was told that. But ask yourself , What is going to matter when you are on your deathbed- if you get one, and when you are just a few breath away from death. What is going to matter? Is it going to matter whether or not you have been in college? No. It will not matter if I have written a song. Or, whether or not, I’ve painted a picture and done anything. Nothing is going to matter when you are breaths away from eternity.

Don’t you think that you have wished that you, when that time comes, that you would love God the way you said you did? Would you actually flip the tv off, a little more, to study His Godly scriptures? I know I will. No matter how much I have done then I wish I would have done more.

But the good news is: Christ is calling. He is calling loud within the streets. He is calling for you to come. He is holding the door of mercy as wide as it can be open and He is saying, “Come and dine with Me!”

To dine with Him you have to die to you. The One whose Name you have abused and whose cross you have mocked by the way that you lived is alive and He is coming. But you may die before He does.

All you have is now!

“Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.” (Isaiah 59:1-2)

The FIRE by Nate Pheil

PS::  if you see any mistakes or missing words. Let me know!

Radical Christian – Paul Washer

14 10 2009

I have spent my life in jungles. I have spent my life freezing in the Andes Mountains. I have seen people die. A little boy, Andrew Myman [phonetic], the Muslims shot him five times through the stomach and left him on a sidewalk simply because he cried out, “I am so afraid but I cannot deny Jesus Christ. Please don’t kill me, but I will not deny Him.” And he died in a pool of blood. And you talk about being a radical Christian because you wear a tee shirt, because you go to a conference. I’m talking about holiness. I’m talking about Godliness.

I wish – you know what a move of God would be in this place? If all of you came under conviction, if I myself came under conviction of the Holy Spirit, we fell down on our faces and wept because we watch the things that God hates, because we wear the things that God hates, because we act like the world, look like the world, smell like the world, because we do the very things, and we know not that we do these things, because we do not know the Word of God. Because, even though we claim as a denomination that the Scripture is the infallible Word of God, basically all we get is illustrations, stories, and quaint little novels.

Oh, that God will glow on this place, that we would turn away from our sin, that we would renounce the things that are displeasing to God, and, then, that we would run to Him and we would relish Him and we would love Him.

Oh, that God would raise up missionaries. I don’t wish the same things your parents want for you. They want for you security and insurance and nice homes. They want for you cars and respect. I want for you the same thing I want for my son, that one day he takes a banner, the banner of Jesus Christ, and he places it on a hill where no one has ever placed a banner before, and he cries out, “Jesus Christ is Lord,” even if it costs my son his life. Oh, when he’s 18 year old, if he says to me the same thing I said when I was a young man, “I’m going into the mountains. I’m going into the jungle.” And they said, “You can’t go there. You’re insane. It’s a war. You’re gonna die.” I’m going. When that little boy puts on that backpack, I’m going to pray over him and say, “Go! God be with you, and if you die, my son, I’ll see you over there and I’ll honor your death.”
Oh, God, let’s pray, let’s pray.

Oh, God, I don’t care about reputation. I don’t care what men think. I want You to be honored. I want these young people to be saved. I want those that are saved to stop looking around at a cultural Christianity that You hate and will spew out of Your mouth, and that they will look at the Word of God and say, “I will follow Jesus.”

Oh, God, I pray for youth ministers and pastors and I pray that You’d fill them with the spirit of wisdom and love and boldness and discernment. And dear God, whatever the cost, I pray that you will raise up missionaries. I can’t help but look at these kids and think of my own little boy. Oh, God, that You would save Ian and that You would raise him up and send him into the worst part of the battle. Oh, dear God, raise up missionaries here. Raise up missionaries. Raise up preachers and pastors and reachers and evangelists that know the Word of God. Oh, God, work in this place, please work in this place, dear God. Please. Please. Please. Please.

Radical Christian by Paul Washer


Full sermon at:

Watch ‘Shocking youth message’

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Do you desire God – Paul Washer

10 10 2009

I don’t believe Love is just doing the right thing. I don’t believe love is just keeping commandments and I don’t believe love is just being patient and kind and … that’s what love looks like when it walks and talks but that’s not love.
Love is Passion.

Let me ask you a question, “Do You Have A Passion For God?”, “Do You Desire Him?”, “Do You Long For Him?” Yes, we all go through times in which our hearts are dull. Yes, we go through times when we need to be encourage. Yes, we all go through times when our eyes are mesmerize by things they should not be. Yes, we all struggle in that but if someone would look at your life would they say, “This person has a passion, not for ministry, not for missions, not for evangelism, but for God.”

The sign of a genuine work of God in the heart is that you began to hate the sin you once loved and to love the righteousness you once ignored. The question is not, “Do you agree with that?”, or “Are you challenged?” The question is, “Is that a reality in your life?” Is it young lady, young man, elderly woman, elderly man, middle age man in the prime of life? Is it a reality in your life? Are you continuing to grow in your hatred of sin and your love for righteousness? That’s the question.

So it’s not a question, “Do you want to do the right thing?” or “Do you want to be moral?” or “Do you want to have a good life?” It is this, “Do you desire Him?”
I hate preaching that goes something like this, “You know you got a wonderful life there, yuppie. You got a really nice house, a really nice job and you got a really beautiful wife and you got 1.2-5 children. And you got three cars, and Subaru’s and Suburbans and you just have a great job. You got a great life. Everything fits perfectly in place. You just lack one thing: you lack Jesus.”
That is the most disgusting thing that you could ever say. What would be more appropriate to say is “Sir, your life is nothing. It has no value at all apart from Jesus Christ.” He is not some little accessory that a yuppie puts on top of his life as though it were cherry on top of ice cream. You have Jesus and Jesus has you or you are barren and wasted and lost.

So it’s not a question of “Do you want a better life?”, “Do you want to go to heaven?”, “Do you want to fix your marriage?”, “Do you want all these things? No.
Do you want God? Do you desire Him?

Everyone knows they are a sinner, they just don’t realize how heinous and terrible that is, nor do they want to let go of the very thing that they choose to drink down as though it was water. You see the question is not, “Do you recognize you are a sinner?” The question is, “Sir, as I was speaking to you, or maybe it’s long term discipleship over a period of time, Sir as I was sharing with you and discipling you, “What has God done to your heart?””

People come to me all the time, “I have a new relationship with God” But I say, “Do you have a new relationship with sin because if you do not have a new relationship with sin, you don’t have a relationship with God.”

Has God done such a supernatural work in your heart through the Holy Spirit that although prior to that you lived a life of ignoring God; of hating God. You now see Him as esteemed above all things and you desire Him above all things.

God is infinite. Heaven will be an infinite chase, an infinite tracking down of the glories of God. But most don’t want that even most who attend evangelical churches don’t really want that and I can prove it: they don’t want it now. If you don’t want it now, you won’t want it then because eternal life doesn’t begin with dying and going to heaven. He says, this is eternal life that they may know You, know You and that begins the moment He regenerates your heart and reveals to you… this place ought to be a contradiction. First Baptist Church a muscle shows ought to be a contradiction in every sense of the term. Our theology should be high and even it should be called academic into some degree. People should think that the only thing we think about is theology and truth and yet, when the worship leader gets up here This Place Ought To Go Wild!

Do you desire Him?

Do You Desire God? by Paul Washer

The Reality of Judgment – Paul Washer

9 10 2009

The book of Revelation 20:11:

Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

Before creation can be brought in with newness and holiness and righteousness there must be a judgment and in that judgment after it falls many, most people will be swept away into hell for one sole purpose, to make way for what God plans on doing in his Son Jesus Christ.

In order for the new heaven and the new earth to come about, creation must be purged of the great enemy the devil. And after he has put down the devil, then he turns to another enemy, man.

We must rid creation of the vile, despicable being who has contaminated it so.” And the words of God speaking this way causes you to tremble and then all of the sudden you hear your name. He is talking about you.

The fact of the matter is Judgment is Coming. The fact of the matter is all that we can see will be melted as with fire.

Is it a reality in your life? Are you continuing to grow in your hatred of sin and your love for righteousness? Has God done such a work in your life that the God you hated and you ignored, you now esteem, cherish and seek?

That the very reason why you were created. No, the only reason that you were created was to esteem God. To know Him, in such a way, that you would esteem Him above all things, forsake all things and seek Him and desire to know Him. So the end is not in seeking salvation. The end is not in seeking self-preservation. The end is, “I WANT HIM – GOD.”

In Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

We live in a day where we think that in order to be relevant to our culture, we must be like our culture. We live in a day where we think in order the Gospel to be relevant, we must somehow adapted it to the culture and nothing on the face of the earth or in the bowls of Hell could be further from the truth.

The worst thing that can ever happen to a preacher, the worst thing that can ever happen to a  church, the worst thing that can ever happen is to become civilized and respectable.

We live in such a trite age, where we all march in vanity fair. Where everyone wants to wear bright colors and ignore the fact that everyone is marching off a cliff into eternal destruction. Society as we know them – the West is crumbling before us and we still choose to be trite and [privilege] and happy.

The fact of the matter is man is twisted and broken.

The Reality of Judgment by Paul Washer

Truth – Al Martin

9 10 2009


ARE YOU DOING WHAT JESUS WHO SPEAKS THE WORDS OF THE FATHER? ARE YOU DOING WHAT HE SAYS? SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD. ARE YOU TAKING EVERY STEP NECESSARY TO STOP FEEDING YOUR LUST? IN GOD’S NAME WHY? WHY? WHY? Why will you sit through another service and stand by a sign post that points you away from hell and the Wrath of God and points to heaven and life and forgiveness, and hug death to your breast?

Oh The Madness, You Are A Vile, Filthy, Helpless, Hell Deserving, Wretched Son Or Daughter Of Adam. You Know Nothing Of True Repentance And Therefore Of True And Saving Faith.

Or you just occasionally have a little whimper in the closet when your conscience gets so active that You Can’t Live With It and you whimper and cry and ask God for a little help and then you go right back with your hand and your eyeball firmly attached.

Oh yes, once in a while you will take a dull parry knife and scratch your hand and occasionally you scratch around your eyeballs but you haven’t begun to CUT OFF AND PLUCK OUT.

You better listen to the words of Jesus, “Not Everyone Who Says ‘Lord, Lord’ Shall Enter But He That Does The Will Of My Father In Heaven”. If ye by the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the flesh ye shall live. IF YOU LIVE AFTER THE FLESH, YOU’LL DIE.

The cross does not give us a minor shift or two with regard to a few or our ethical and moral and religious values. The cross radically disrupts the very center and citadel of your life from self to Christ and IF THE CROSS HAS NOT DONE THAT YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.

MY FRIEND FACE IT, YOUNG ROGUE, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN until the cross has RADICALLY DISRUPTED THE VERY CENTER AND CITADEL OF YOUR LIFE. And brought you from a life of commitment to serve self, whether it’s Religious Self, Moral Self, Proud Self, Covetous Self, Lustful Self, Prideful Self, Unforgiving Self, Lazy Self, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT ARE THE FOCAL POINTS OF THE REIGN OF YOUR SELF!

If you’ve gone to the cross in union with Christ it’s been SHATTERED.

I want you in that day, when you stand with me before the Judge of the world. To have Him say, “Come Be Blessed”

I don’t want to look at you standing there saying ‘Lord, Lord!’, ‘Lord, Lord!’ I Named You In Earth. I Named You Before The Elders. I Named You Before The Church. I Named You In Prayer Meeting. I Named You In Witness. And Lord, Now Lord. Lord Didn’t I Not Done This? Didn’t I Not Done That?

I don’t want to hear Him say, “Depart from me, I never knew you. You worker of iniquity” You never were made a doer of the Will of God. You learned enough and you learned what to say properly enough to be accepted for what you professed yourself to be on earth and now the day of Judgment has come and the truth is now to be known

Truth by Al Martin

The truth is that the way is truly narrow and few people will find eternal life. (Matthew 7:21, Luke 13:24)

And they crucified Him – Art Katz

8 10 2009

I think we, every one of us ought to be humiliated of humbled every time we pick up the book of Acts and read the Glory that attended the life of that first Church. By contrast the most successful kind of Christianity that we know, the most charismatic, the most to be lauded and applauded is utterly anemic and does not bare comparison.

How is it that these rude men, fishermen and louts, who had no advantage of the kind we have enjoyed were able to turn cities upside down and shake the earth? Why is it we have not had a corresponding affect in our own generation?

The answer, in my opinion is, that in missing the cross we have missed the power of the resurrection, we have sidestepped the cross as a subject let alone as experience because we have no tolerance or sympathy for suffering.

The denial of self in any form is suffering and we have not been encouraged to that.

We have overindulged and spoiled our youth, compromised truth in our marriages, suffered causalities and losses among our ministers and given ground to the spirit of independence and rebellion in the churches. All because we cannnot stand pain.

We parents who indulge our kids rather that chasten them, are we being loving or self-indulgent?

We pastors who condescent to placate men, rather than speak the truth to them in love, why are we so sparing?

We saints who see the defects and things that need to be corrected in each other, why are we silent?

Where are the Pauls of our generation who will confront the Peters? Who have compromised the Gospel by being one thing with one group and another thing with another. Paul said he would not entertain that situation to go on beyond the moment for the purity of the Gospel’s sake. [Galatians 2:14-21]
I call that love. But you know that kind of love as an act is painful and it’s humiliating.

It’s easy to be misunderstood. For which reason we prefer to keep quiet, for which reason the world is running amuck with us and for which reason we move into increasing carnality not being corrected by one another.

The avoidance of pain is a costly avoidance. And the symbol of the cross at the heart of the faith is an invitation to share in His sufferings. In a world, our Christianity is degenerating into a middle class culture, a sanctifying cover-up for the status quo, a vacuous praise club, an equating of gain as godliness, a comfortable religiosity that leaves our real interests unchallenged and undisturbed in the avoidance of the cross of Christ Jesus.

Somehow am I naive to think we ought to look different, speak diffently, act differently that there ought to be such a savor and fragrance about us of Christ that it is a savor of death unto death to self and life unto life to others. The fact the world can so easily tolerate us, the fact of the almost complete absence of reproach, let alone persecution is itself a shameful testimony that we are so like the world that we cannot be distinguished from it.

We have lost even the difference, the sense of the difference, between that which is sacred and that which is profane. I believe that God could lay at the door of the church the full responsability for the present condition of the world. And the things over which we cluck our tongues and point our fingers and look distain down our noses about are the things which can be attributed to us. For we have not established in the earth a standard and an alternative to which a dying world might have turned.

They simply did not know that there is such a thing as that which is holy and that which is sacred. For we ourselves are wallowing in the things that are earthly, common, unclean and profane. The only alternative to which is eathly, carnal, sensual and devilish is that which is heavenly. And there is no way to attain to that which is heavenly independent of the cross of Christ Jesus.

If the prophet Isaiah seeing the Lord high and lifted up cried out, “Woe is me, I am undone! I am a man of unclean lips and I live in the midst of a people of unclean lips.-Isaiah 6:5
What then shall we say who are not prophets and oracles of God? We need to have our vision and our sight corrected. We need to address our lives to the plumb line of God. The standard of God tot he cross of Christ Jesus. Not academically, religiously or superficially but in the actual experience of our lives as those who have come willing to abandon everything.

Paul said, “I am determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.-1 Corinthians 2:2

We desperately and urgently need to know Him – exactly as He is.

And they crucified Him by Art Katz